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Why You Should Always Challenge Speeding Tickets in Ontario

Speeding Tickets in Ontario

Speeding tickets are something that affects everyone who drives. We’ve all driven by someone who has been pulled over for speeding and many of us have been pulled over for speeding ourselves. All it takes is a moment of temporary speeding to adversely affect your ability to drive for years to come. Nearly everyone speeds at some time, whether it is hurrying to an appointment, staying in traffic that is also speeding or simply speeding up to pass slower moving traffic.
Regardless of what the reason is for speeding and how legitimate a reason it may be, a speeding ticket carries many negative repercussions. In addition to the amount of the fine, there are often also demerit points that are applied to the driving record. For drivers who have more than one speeding ticket or other moving vehicle charges against them, these demerit points can result in warnings or even a suspension of the driver’s license.  As you would expect, demerit points on your driving record will lead to higher insurance rates and in some cases, may result in the inability to obtain insurance in the future.  
In Ontario, demerit points are assigned with the following guidelines for speeding over the posted speed limit:
  • Up to 15 km/hr. – no demerit points are given.
  • 16-29 km/hr. – 3 points.
  • 30-49 km/hr. – 4 points.
Driving more than 50 km/hr. over the posted speed limit will result in 6 demerit points and at least a 30-day license suspension if convicted. The police officer has the discretion to classify this excessive speeding as stunt driving or racing which involves car impoundment and up to a two-year license suspension.

Why You Should Never Just Pay the Speeding Ticket

Many drivers falsely believe that speeding tickets with lower fines without demerit points have no impact on the driving record. It is common for police officers to take a higher speeding offense and let the driver off with the lower fine and no demerit points. Letting drivers off easy is a common ploy that is used to decrease the likelihood of the ticket being challenged.
What police officers don’t tell you, and what many drivers don’t know, is that any type of motor vehicle conviction that goes on your driving record can negatively affect your insurance. Many insurance companies check both demerit points and convictions when they are assessing new clients and renewing existing clients. Even non-moving convictions such as a failure to produce insurance are likely to increase insurance rates.

Effectively Handling Traffic Tickets in Ontario

Whether you receive a traffic ticket or are facing more severe charges such as impaired driving, you should consult with an experienced paralegal team.  They have the experience necessary to thoroughly examine the situation and provide the help necessary to properly handle the offense. The cost for these services is recouped many times over in the fine amount that is immediately saved, along with the insurance savings over the years since convictions can remain on a driving record for a long time.
Don’t let speeding tickets in Ontario affect your driving record and increase your insurance rates. Consult experienced paralegals that will take all of the steps necessary on your behalf to have any tickets or charges properly challenged and dismissed today.
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